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Details: It is a fast Drying Coating that Protects Steel and Ferrous Metals exposed to severe corrosive environments. It provides the long-lasting protection of zinc, yet closely matches the bright color of Hot Dip Galvanizing. Properties : Bright Zinc Coating for galvanized surface. Excellent anti-corrosive properties. Zinc particles overlap each other to give maximum protection. Convenient on site application. Application : Touch up of Newly galvanized surface damaged by welding or machining Information and data given here in offered in food faith as accurate, with guarantee subject to application. Conditions of use and suitability of a product for a particular use is beyond our control; all risk of use of the product are therefore assumed by the use we expressly disclaim all warranties of every kind and nature. We provide best quality product. Fast air drying bright zink rich long term protechtion Shake well before use

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