Spot welding gun arm coating - Insulation

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Paramount Enterprises


Spot welding gun arm insulation - coating at your production line during vacation - weekoff.


PARENTNashik offers special service for portable spot welding gun arm insulation/coating: PARENTNashik has developed this matrix form for PSW and IT welding guns to fix up fouling of guns at weldshop. PARENTNashik is a pioneer & made the revolution in resistance welding area with this technology. #INSULATION COATING ON PSW / IT PORTABLE SPOT WELDING GUN : FRP is a composition made from fibreglass reinforcement in a plastic matrix. A construction analogy would be the nylon or cotton reinforcing bars in a concrete matrix highway. These matrixes have a wide variety of physical strength. Physical properties of the coating on PSW / IT welding guns. 1) FRP 4 mm coating has very adequate compressive strength. It lasts for years till you forcefully crush it. 2) It has excellent flexural strength and import strength i.e. can be withstood with high load. 3) It has a higher hardness value, the more resistance material avoids scratching, abrasion and denting. 4) It has excellent tensile strength & insulation property which insulate welding gun arm. 5) This coating absorbs most heat generated on the gun arm, which results in increasing gun arm life. 6) As it is a very tough coating on a gun arm, which protects the arm from dash with fixtures and other components. 7) Aesthetically it looks good after giving copper color on coating of gun arm. 8) These coating saves your other expense like insulation tape, labour, production loss etc but improves welding quality as well. Insulation taping which is regularly being used to wrap on arm to insulate the arm. PARENTNashik ship all spot welding gun arm, holder & shank dully insulation with no extra charge. Advantages : - Excellent quality of caoting - Long lasting - No hazardous - With warranty - Work at your production line - Higher alloy hardness

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