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A R Mutha And Co. Chartered Accountants


We are rendering VCFO services to different business owners, especially to SME & Mid-size corporate with an objective to provide a high level of CFO knowledge and skills at a fractional of cost as compared to the cost of a full time CFO. Our competent CFO's/Controllers manage multiple business organizations under agreed CFO services mandate with high level of professional competency & standards. WHY HIRE A VIRTUAL CFO? One of the questions we are asked all the time is "What is a Virtual CFO?" A Virtual CFO is a high level finance accounting and compliance professional, who is able to split time between multiple businesses allowing them to benefit from the skills of a CFO, while sharing the cost with other business owners. Every business organization needs the services of a professional CFO to efficiently manage its finance & fund requirements, statutory & tax compliance, Tax efficient structuring of business transactions due to ever increasing complex regulatory & tough business environment but may not be able to hire a full time experienced CFO due to high cost associated with it. Hiring a full-time CFO for your company demands a thorough evaluation process and with salaries averaging from Rs.4,80,000 to Rs.24,00,000 per year depending on location, industry, and experience requirements, a full-time CFO is not the most economical solution. Here A R Mutha & Co. Chartered Accountant is filling up this gap by offering CFO services at a fractional of cost as compared to the cost of a full time CFO. WHAT WE DO We offers part-time VCFO services for a fixed monthly fee, typically starts with a very basic engagement from Rs.2000 per month onwards depending on the scope of services your organization needs. Advancement in Technology has made it possible for a VCFO to work efficiently for multiple companies without having to travel from office to office. This means that a business that only needs a few hours a month of a CFO's time can now be a productive client for a CFO working remotely. We are uniquely qualified to help small business owners see the difference that having a CFO on their team can make. If you would like to explore your options, request a free consultation today, and we will help you explore your options. SPEAK WITH A PROFESSIONAL We provide quality financial strategies to organizations in a wide range of industries across the India. If you think a part-time CFO is the right fit for your business then call us today at . Fees Starts from 2000 per month

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