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Improve performance ranking!! Attract quality admissions!!

Pain Points:

  • Transform from conventional teaching learning to research and innovation driven institute.

  • Offer more industry relevant open electives and effective engagement of professionals as adjunct faculty.

  • Innovation & Incubation Management, Technology Transfer, Technology commercialisation (Process, Tools & Methods).

  • Resource mobilisation (Share and encash resources)

  • Active industry connects leading to consultancy for faculties & internships for students.

  • Preparing quality research/project proposals for funding through grants and CSR Funds.

  • Effective execution model to fetch true benefits of Autonomy and build the brand.

Need Statement:

  •  I need improvement in performance ranking (NBA, NAAC, ARIIA, NIRF) and attract better admission. 

  • I need active industry interaction and offer joint programs relevant to market needs and generate additional revenue by offering more open electives.

  • I need support to encash my resources and improve my operational efficiency.

  • I need support for finding better internship, projects, and placement opportunities for my students.

  • I need to move beyond paper compliance and position as truly value addition institute

  • I want to implement model of operation / execution to best utilise the power of autonomy for positioning our programs uniquely.

What We Do?  (Value Proposition)

  • Initiate additional revenue generating programs jointly with industry, Research organisations and Mentors. (It’s more than conventional subject teaching and learning. Its real value addition by offering knowledge, skill, and experience for the learners. Its engaging deserving experts as adjunct faculty.)

  • Share and encash your resources. Find consultancy opportunity for Faculty & Special Interest Group. Its more than conventional faculty development programs. Its transforming teachers into mentors. It is enabling you for effective resource mobilisation.

  • Access opportunity for joint R&D and funded projects with industry. (Its more than publishing theoretical papers. Its qualifying to get research published in the journals of repute. Its generating additional revenue through technology commercialisation. Its transforming institutes from centre of teaching & learning to centre of excellence.)

  • Find better internships, projects, and placements opportunities for your students. (It’s much better than positioning as top placement institute. Its showing & preparing them to choose right career path and options)

  • Initiate process and policy driven incubation centre on the campus. (It’s more than creating the space and facility. Its truly nurturing entrepreneurial mindset and transforming job seekers into job creators.)

  • Improve NBA/NAAC/ARIIA ranking (Its more than fulfilling the paper compliance. Its truly achieving the academic leadership)


  • Address: Oricon House, 6th Flr., Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Lane, Kala Ghoda, Fort,
  • Mumbai– 400 001
  • Whats App: +91 91 3006 6593
  • Mobile: +91 98 7041 7866
  • Email: training@maccia.org.in
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