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Prove your worth!! Craft your own journey to success!! 

Find and grab your deserving opportunity for growth and success!! Identify and live your passion!!

Pain Points: 

  • Access to deserving internships/projects/placements and job opportunities.

  • Enhance skills, matching with industry expectations / market needs.

  • Gain practical knowledge and hands on experience.

  • Build entrepreneurial mindset & launch successful start-up.

  • Access to industry mentoring for experiential learning.

  • Paying Higher cost of education without assurance of deserving career opportunity.

Need Statement: 

  • I need real industry exposure and certificate of experience.

  • I need mentoring support in finding and building best career for me.

  • I need opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge to solve real problems.

  • I need support to build / scale-up my own start-up.

  • I need career with good work-life balance. 

What We Do (Value Proposition)

  • Transform you from Answer Provider to Solution Provider. (It’s much more than just getting ready for passing theory exams and get paper degree. We connect you with industry.)

  • Complement your theoretical knowledge with practical exposure. (It’s much more than information available on internet. Our industry mentors share their experience to sharpen your skills. You can access programs crafted by industry to find your dream opportunities) 

  • Gain industry experience under supervision of certified industry mentors. (Prove your worth and we make you ready for solving industry problems. Its building creativity & origination) 

  • Enhance employability skills & interdisciplinary knowledge in the domain of your choice. (It’s much more than qualifying for any job interview. It is identifying your strength and career for good work-life balance and adopt to the changing job market.)

  • Get mentoring support and access to funds for successful business venture / start-up. (It’s much more than any hackathon and ideathon. It enables you with complete end to end support for “problem to idea to market”.)

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  • Address: Oricon House, 6th Flr., Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Lane, Kala Ghoda, Fort,
  • Mumbai– 400 001
  • Whats App: +91 91 3006 6593
  • Mobile: +91 98 7041 7866
  • Email: training@maccia.org.in
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